The Speaking Justice

Online Course

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  • Are you tired of failing at divisive conversations? 
  • Are you exhausted by being triggered? 
  • Have you almost given up on connecting with family members with differing views?
  • Are you committed to a world of justice, inclusion and speaking up? 
  • Do you know that you have clear, strong convictions and struggle to use your voice?
  • Do you struggle in your everyday life to advocate for yourself, so feel discouraged about speaking up for others?

If you answered “yes” to any of the previous questions, this online course will give you the framework you need to speak up, to listen and to enter divisive conversations confidently. 

The Speaking Justice Online Course gives you:


The Five Habits of Speaking Justice and how to apply them. The Five Habits revolve around your voice. They include growing and controlling your voice, listening to the unheard voices, reflection on your voice, and using your voice for justice.

A toolkit of resources for engaging in compelling conversations.

Skills and awareness of how to prepare when entering into compelling conversations. This includes knowing your goals and other ways to measure success.

Practical application of the Five Habits in your life with the Speaking Justice Handbook.

You will find the course is: 


Participatory: The Five Habits of Speaking Justice online course consists of short lectures followed by exercises for you to do on your own time.

Interactive: You will email the exercises to Speaking Justice for feedback. This will be processed by our founder, Miriame Cherbib.

Collective: You get access to our community practice calls. These calls are a safe space to put into practice conversations that you are hoping to improve. Everyone who joins this call has taken the foundational course or online course. Many who join the course have also taken the Integrating SJ course.

The course will be available to you for six months upon purchase!


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