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In small towns like Sequim the growing divide, isolation and misunderstanding are affecting our communities and our families. Different flags in our neighborhoods lead us to avoid certain neighbors. We have lost friends because of an outrageous statement. We can’t imagine having an easy family dinner because we are tiptoeing around divisive subjects to avoid conflicts. 

How can we talk to people we care about but who share different views on systemic racism, politics, climate change and other compelling issues? How can we heal relationships and connect more authentically? 

Have you felt the fear, the pain and frustration of not being able to have authentic and impactful conversations?

The art of conversation is the art of aligning connection with truth. It is about giving dignity to the person we are talking about without compromising on our values. This requires skills and practice. 

What if you joined a movement of individuals who are engaged on the path of Speaking Justice to heal our families, our friendships, our communities and our small town of Sequim? 

Want to workshop directly with Miriame?

Join the May 15th, 2.5 hour foundational workshop, it starts at 9am.

Build Confidence in Speaking Justice

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Need more flexibility?

The Five Habits of Speaking Justice; Our Online Course. To be released on May 31st!

Take this on your time and engage in a deep dive on this unique and helpful framework.

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