The Five Habits of Speaking Justice are a powerful framework.

We teach them in our workshops, in our online course and in our programs.

They are a set of fundamental social and emotional skills and are building blocks for engaging in difficult conversations and assessing progress in the specific areas each one represents. They revolve around using ones voice and listening to others. They are not meant to be practiced in a particular order. They are meant to support awareness and efficacy at speaking up for justice. 

The Five Habits of 

Speaking Justice

  • Provide a framework which can be taught & modeled at home, school, work and in community.
  • Guide us to have a positive impact. 
  • Expand our awareness, empathy & empowerment.
  • Have power to create change in ourselves and to shift organizational cultures.
  • Contribute to dismantling systemic racism.
  • Reveal the beauty and the power of OUR humanity.

Habit 1: Growing and controlling our voice

Advocating  for ourselves in a way that helps us meet our needs.

Habit 2: Holding space for other voices

Being aware of other people’s voices and to understand when it is best not to use our voice and to listen and hold space for other voices.

Habit 3: Self-reflecting on the power of our voice

Self-reflecting on our identity, our class, our ideas and actions and to understand the legacy of our cultural groups and history.

Habit 4: Including the unheard voices

Being aware of and looking for the voices of the people we don’t hear, we don’t see and who are oppressed.

Habit 5: Using our voice for justice

Feeling empowered to act and use our voice for the victims of injustice and oppression.

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*They are applicable to anyone who needs support in using their voice for justice. 

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