Community Practice and Support Session

  • 1h discussion and practice session on Zoom
  • Safe space with only Speaking Justice Alumni
  • Facilitation by Miriame Cherbib, founder of Speaking Justice LLC
  • Opportunities to ask questions and get direct support from Miriame
  • Access to Community support and experience



These practice and support sessions are only for Speaking Justice Community Members who took a workshop and/or enrolled in our online course.

(New to Speaking Justice? You can learn more about our Online Course and Enroll Now by clicking HERE!)

Our Workshops and Online Course gave you the tools and the method to prepare and start practicing, on your own, having difficult conversations on race, sexual orientation, gender identity or politics.

But tools and preparation are still not enough to master conversations on race and other important issues: you also need practice and support.

By joining this Community Practice and Support Session you will practice and explore your difficult conversations in a safe and fun space.

And, in a supportive community, even difficult conversations can be fun!

You will be in contact with individuals who like you are committed to Speaking Justice in an empathetic and impactful way.

As a result, when you will have to Speak Justice, you will have the skills, the experience and the support you will need!

Join us!