Speaking Justice

Looking for skills & confidence in speaking up to injustice?

We teach The Five Habits of Speaking Justice, a practical framework of skills that you can apply, model, teach & practice in your everyday life.

They help you use your voice with empathy and impact in conversations on race and other important issues. 

Learn with the Speaking Justice Community.

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Miriame’s Story:

Watch this excerpt from a presentation at Peninsula College.


From Workshop and Online Course Participants:

“Something unique about this workshop that I am grateful for is that I am coming away from it with a set of practical tools and skills that I can practice in many situations.”  – Elli R.

“I have been working on this field of racial equity for a long time, but I have my blinds spots and I need to keep practicing and learning. It is so wonderful to meet new people, build community and learn how we can discuss these difficult issues.” – Z., WA

“The framework of the skill set has been very helpful for me and the next step is to practice. I now feel very motivated to practice these skills with a community of people that feel safe and supportive.” – Sally

“The Five Habits of Speaking Justice are a powerful and elegant way of building confidence in our ability to speak up for what matters to us. During her course, Miriame guides us with grace and kindness while challenging us to get outside of our comfort zone.” – Julie Rozenberg, D.C

Who is Speaking Justice for?

COMMUNITY MEMBERS: Who are looking to build bridges, heal the divide and be proactive in difficult situations.

SCHOOLS & EDUCATORS: Who want a practical way to develop a skills-based social justice curriculum and build a culture of empathy, awareness, courage and belonging in their classrooms. 

PARENTS & CHILD CAREGIVERS: Who want to integrate the skills for social justice in their everyday lives, into their parenting style and model them for their children.

EVERYBODY! We all need support and skills to use our voices as effectively as possible for justice. 


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